Warming up at Clubhouse!

Winter is packing up and heading out, and we are thankful for the return of Spring. We welcomed the warmer temperatures and sunshine by engaging in physical outdoor activities.


Lately, we have not had many program days in February and the beginning of March, but our students have managed to complete a few art projects such as custom picture frames and masks. We learned about optical illusions by making a Wonder Turner or thaumatrope which was a popular toy in the 19th century. Students drew personal designs to create an optical illusion. Some of the pictures were very creative. Take a peek!


In our Bible Lesson station, Mr. Tony has been teaching our students what it means to have a good mind, a good heart and good desires. The lessons always include a youthful story with character topics that the children can apply throughout their lives. Following the lessons, students participate in Minute-to-Win-It Games that are always filled with laughs and joy.


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Paper Planes, Tinkering, Humpty Dumpty and Static Electricity!

February has brought wind chill advisories along with new Maker’s Clubhouse participants to join in on our fun. New volunteers have also joined our team and are providing more one on one homework assistance. We are striving to help all students develop skills to focus and complete homework independently.


Our S.T.E.A.M. station has been filled with engaging activities! Students have cracked Humpty Dumpty, flown butterfly wings by static electricity and created mini inventions through tinkering. Our students are becoming experienced in a simple engineering design process. They work collaboratively to design a product and discuss plans of improvements. Take a peek at the photos of some of our activities.

Learning about Static Electricity

Static Electricity

Innovating and Tinkering
Tinkering Inventions

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The Maker’s Clubhouse is back in session!


Despite the many two-hour delay cancellations, The Maker’s Clubhouse is back in session and we are off to a great start! All of our students that remained at Pittsburgh Faison returned to the program and are excited to be back. Our STEAM station now features “Challenge Thursdays”. The challenges are designed to encourage students to work as a team to solve or complete a STEAM challenge. Our first challenged was the Marshmallow Challenge. Each group was assigned a captain and a reporter. The students were given spaghetti, a yard of string, a yard of tape, scissors and one marshmallow. The goal of the challenge was to build a tower that could stand on its own with a marshmallow fixed at the top of the tower. Students from grades K to 5 successfully completed the challenge. We are thrilled to be back in action and are looking forward to a wonderful winter/spring session.

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Volunteer Spotlight

“I volunteer because I love helping kids grow in their education and I especially enjoy being able to work with them and see them progress throughout the school year.” – Chris Chong

Meet Chris Chong! Chris has volunteered at The Maker’s Clubhouse for three full program sessions. He is very committed to building positive relationships and encouraging students to achieve academically. This year he has contributed to significant academic improvement to one of our kindergarten students. Although Chris is a full-time electrical and computer engineering student at Carnegie Mellon University, he manages to remain committed to devoting hours to pour into the hearts and mind of Clubhouse participants. We are thankful for volunteers and the light they share with our youth.

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Harvest Party!!

November 21st, we had our Harvest Party which served as a field trip for our Maker’s Clubhouse kids. Housed at the Bible Center Church, the kids had a feast of pizza, popcorn, apples, pumpkin pie, not to mention a goodie bag on the way out. The kids made “What I’m Thankful For” wheels at craft time, learned a lesson at story time, and had competitions in turkey toss. The kids had a blast.

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Delivering Hope and Fun with Jared Boxes

The Maker’s Clubhouse created Jared boxes a few weeks ago to provide hope and fun to ill children. In creating and decorating the boxes, the children realized how fortunate they are and were able to understand how ill children may feel. On Monday, November 17 some of the children delivered the boxes to Children’s Hospital where a hospital representative spoke to Maker’s Clubhouse students about what the Jared Boxes mean to children in the hospital. This was a great experience for our students.

To find out more information on Jared Boxes, visit http://www.thejaredbox.com/

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Another Exciting Day at The Maker’s Clubhouse

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At The Maker’s Clubhouse there is always something new and exciting going on, from learning about Earth Science to working on a service project for Ill children and of course fun times at the playground there’s always something to smile about.

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Clubhouse Students Create Jared Boxes for Ill Children


For the past two weeks, Clubhouse participants have learned about service projects. Each crew selected one out of three service projects and all crews decided that assembling Jared Boxes was the way to go. After selecting their projects, students worked together to create a list of items they would like to receive if they were ill and in the hospital. Eight Jared boxes were assembled and students created signs to decorate the boxes. Many of the students, young and old, realized how fortunate they are to be healthy enough to attend school and play with their friends. Some students even shared that creating their brightly colored signs for their ill peers almost brought them to tears.

We will deliver the Jared Boxes to Children’s Hospital in the near future and hope to take some of the students along.

To find out more information on Jared Boxes, visit http://www.thejaredbox.com/

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The Maker’s Clubhouse attends Lights on Afterschool


The Maker’s Clubhouse’s third, fourth and fifth graders attended the Lights on Afterschool Event on October 23, 2014. The students enjoyed music, food and a large variety of activities.

Lights on Afterschool is an annual national event to advocate and celebrate out-of-school time programs.

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Hanging with The Maker’s Clubhouse After School


We have enjoyed our Maker’s Clubhouse participants over the past three weeks! The students have learned about various the sun, shadows, and Earth’s water and land. Summer has ended, but we have enjoyed  pleasant weather during our outdoor physical activities.  Their are many new smiling faces and we are thankful for each student. Looking forward to the remaining weeks and what they may bring.

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