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Aid Drop Packages

Maker’s Clubhouse students have been designing, creating, testing and improving aid drop packages. Their goal for this project is to design a package that can be safely dropped from the sky to deliver goods to a community in need. The packages must be designed to prevent the contents from breaking or being damaged. In the picture above two students test their aid drop packages for damage after adding a parachute and canopy.


Students test out their Aid Drop Package Designs. The packages shown in the picture utilize a parachute and a canopy to allow the package to drop safely without damaging the packaged contents.

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Spring 2016

On February 1st, 35 bright-eyed students filled our space with smiles and laughter. Maker’s Clubhouse staff welcomed back our participants for the spring 2016 session of the program. There are many engaging, hands-on, minds-on activities in store for the students. Check in with us for updates throughout the season!

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Final Fall Day

On December 3, 2015, Maker’s Clubhouse participants scurried about the building filled with anticipation and excitement. This day marked the final day of The Maker’s Clubhouse fall session. All of the students worked diligently to create innovative bubble wands out of various resources and this was the day to show off their hard work. We celebrated their accomplishments with friends and family over a tasty meal, award presentation and the Grand Finale: Bubble Bonanza.

The Maker’s Clubhouse will begin its winter/spring session on February 1, 2016. What will our engineers create next?

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Engineers at Work!

Bubble BonanzaNov15

You don’t have to be an adult to be an engineer! An engineer is anyone who uses his or her creativity and knowledge to design something to solve a problem. Students at Maker’s Clubhouse are using their skills as engineers to uncover the mystery behind bubbles. Have you ever actually thought about what a bubble is? Maker’s Clubhouse students would tell you that a bubble is a thin layer of liquid surrounding a pocket of air or gas. How about whether or not bubbles have to be circular? Does the size, shape, or material of the wand matter? Are there any surfaces that a bubble won’t stick to? These are all questions that the Maker’s Clubhouse engineers are exploring as they prepare for their Bubble Bonanza Showcase later this month.

Written by: Lydia Wallace, Maker’s Clubhouse Program Leader

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Bubbles Bubbles everywhere!


Clubhouse participants are learning about the science of bubbles. Our students are using the Engineering Design Process to investigate and test what bubbles can and can not do. Next, students will invent unique bubble wands.

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Back in Service!

We hear those school bells ringing and that means Maker’s Clubhouse is back in session!

Our first week of program was a perfect jump-start for the year. Our bright-eyed and enthusiastic students jumped right into a service learning project. This year our students were challenged to be super students as they learned about the meaning and purpose of service learning. Three project examples were presented and students decided to make care packages for children residing in a homeless shelter. The students made fleece scarves and encouraging artwork that will be delivered to the children. Our students now know that it is important to always give to others regardless of your status in life.

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Showcase Showdown!

TMC Final Day1

The Maker’s Clubhouse Spring 2015 session has concluded. This year, students have grown emotionally, socially and academically. The last six weeks of the session were spent being deeply engaged in the Engineering Design Process. Students moved through the five steps : Ask, Imagine, Plan, create and improve to create racers out of recycled materials. We also learned how engineers solve problems and that a technology can be any man-made item created to solve a problem. Teachers, family and friends were invited to join in on our showcase fun! Check out a few of our racers.

TMC Final Day2

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

On May 5th, Maker’s Clubhouse participants ended their usual program day by enjoying an evening of baseball. We enjoyed watching the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds compete. Students were also lucky enough to witness Andrew McCutchen’s homerun and fireworks. We would like to thank Tickets for Kids for providing the tickets.

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Clubhouse Staff is STEAMing Up!

The Maker’s Clubhouse will be implementing a new STEM curriculum provided by ASSET and STEM Impact of the YWCA. The STEM lessons will walk Maker’s Clubhouse students through the Engineering Design Process in a fun and creative manner. Our staff tested lessons during a training and identified metrics of success. We plan to conclude the lessons with a showcase to celebrate our students’ accomplishments.

Check out our staff engineer and build towers to provide safety for the animals!

IMG_1636 IMG_1631

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Discovering Puff Mobiles with the Maker’s Clubhouse

Recently our kids learned about puff mobiles. Our puff mobile cars were created using limited  materials and are powered by puffs of breath. While being limited to using straws, lifesavers, tape, and paper the students were able to challenge themselves and be creative while designing the fastest puff mobile possible. Week to week, our kids worked endlessly on improving their designs in hopes of winning the upcoming race. With confidence and pride, our students were more than ready to demonstrate their puff mobiles by the time of the race. Some were successful and some had some challenges, but they all had fun and learned which was the most important part.



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