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Clubhouse Staff is STEAMing Up!

The Maker’s Clubhouse will be implementing a new STEM curriculum provided by ASSET and STEM Impact of the YWCA. The STEM lessons will walk Maker’s Clubhouse students through the Engineering Design Process in a fun and creative manner. Our staff tested lessons during a training and identified metrics of success. We plan to conclude the lessons with a showcase to celebrate our students’ accomplishments.

Check out our staff engineer and build towers to provide safety for the animals!

IMG_1636 IMG_1631

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Discovering Puff Mobiles with the Maker’s Clubhouse

Recently our kids learned about puff mobiles. Our puff mobile cars were created using limited  materials and are powered by puffs of breath. While being limited to using straws, lifesavers, tape, and paper the students were able to challenge themselves and be creative while designing the fastest puff mobile possible. Week to week, our kids worked endlessly on improving their designs in hopes of winning the upcoming race. With confidence and pride, our students were more than ready to demonstrate their puff mobiles by the time of the race. Some were successful and some had some challenges, but they all had fun and learned which was the most important part.



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