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Warming up at Clubhouse!

Winter is packing up and heading out, and we are thankful for the return of Spring. We welcomed the warmer temperatures and sunshine by engaging in physical outdoor activities.


Lately, we have not had many program days in February and the beginning of March, but our students have managed to complete a few art projects such as custom picture frames and masks. We learned about optical illusions by making a Wonder Turner or thaumatrope which was a popular toy in the 19th century. Students drew personal designs to create an optical illusion. Some of the pictures were very creative. Take a peek!


In our Bible Lesson station, Mr. Tony has been teaching our students what it means to have a good mind, a good heart and good desires. The lessons always include a youthful story with character topics that the children can apply throughout their lives. Following the lessons, students participate in Minute-to-Win-It Games that are always filled with laughs and joy.


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