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The Maker’s Clubhouse is back in session!


Despite the many two-hour delay cancellations, The Maker’s Clubhouse is back in session and¬†we are off to a great start! All of our students that remained at Pittsburgh Faison returned to the program and are excited to be back. Our STEAM station now features “Challenge Thursdays”. The challenges are designed to encourage students to work as a team to solve or complete a STEAM challenge. Our first challenged was the Marshmallow Challenge. Each group was assigned a captain and a reporter. The students were given spaghetti, a yard of string, a yard of tape, scissors and one¬†marshmallow. The goal of the challenge was to build a tower that could stand on its own with a marshmallow fixed at the top of the tower. Students from grades K to 5 successfully completed the challenge. We are thrilled to be back in action and are looking forward to a wonderful winter/spring session.

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