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Harvest Party!!

November 21st, we had our Harvest Party which served as a field trip for our Maker’s Clubhouse kids. Housed at the Bible Center Church, the kids had a feast of pizza, popcorn, apples, pumpkin pie, not to mention a goodie bag on the way out. The kids made “What I’m Thankful For” wheels at craft time, learned a lesson at story time, and had competitions in turkey toss. The kids had a blast.

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Delivering Hope and Fun with Jared Boxes

The Maker’s Clubhouse created Jared boxes a few weeks ago to provide hope and fun to ill children. In creating and decorating the boxes, the children realized how fortunate they are and were able to understand how ill children may feel. On Monday, November 17 some of the children delivered the boxes to Children’s Hospital where a hospital representative spoke to Maker’s Clubhouse students about what the Jared Boxes mean to children in the hospital. This was a great experience for our students.

To find out more information on Jared Boxes, visit

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Another Exciting Day at The Maker’s Clubhouse

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At The Maker’s Clubhouse there is always something new and exciting going on, from learning about Earth Science to working on a service project for Ill children and of course fun times at the playground there’s always something to smile about.

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